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Dr. Dandekar Talk - June 2 Bossone 302 5pm

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About Us

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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest technical professional society whose objective of the IEEE is to focus on advancing the theory and practice of electrical, electronics and computer engineering and computer science.

To realize these objectives, the IEEE sponsors nearly 800 Student branches worldwide, as well as scholarships and awareness programs, technical conferences, symposia and local meetings; publishes 25% of world’s technical papers in electrical, electronics and computer engineering; and provides educational programs to keep its members’ knowledge and expertise state-of-the-art.

Drexel University’s chapter is one of the largest by membership in the United States. We are focused on providing students with academic assistance and sponsoring events that promote the IEEE related technical fields. Drexel IEEE also acts as a liason with the ECE department to help students and faculty communicate through events such as the quarterly ECE dialogue and biannual ECE Track Forum.

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Student Meetings and Discussions

The Drexel IEEE hosts weekly meetings and discussions on upcoming events and outreach activities. All members are welcome to participant in the discussions and offer suggestions for improving old or creating new events.

Technical Workshops

The Drexel IEEE holds workshops to teach members and non-members about new technologies and tools used in engineering. Workshops depend on suggestions from faculty, students, and members. Each year has something different from the last, with new suggestions.

Electronic Projects

Drexel IEEE members hold meetings for group projects, which are mainly student driven. Occasionally, professors and industry professionals help out with advancing projects, allowing students to try out ideas from class, research, or older projects.

Knerds of the Round Table

Every term, Knerds of the Round Table is hosted with members of the Drexel IEEE and industry professionals. The event focuses on research in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


SPAx is a yearly hosted event that can change depending on the hosts. Each year can change with new talks and competitions.

Research Opportunities

Special research opportunities and connections with ECE professors (many are members of the IEEE Philadelphia Section)

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Feedback from our members

IEEE has made me feel at home in the ECE department at Drexel. I have had so many incredible experiences from being a member - I can’t articulate more how much I have gained from being involved. I have made my best friends in IEEE, and created lasting memories.
Savannah Lee / President, Drexel IEEE


Thank You to Our Sponsors

Please Sponsor Our Organization

IEEE hosts many events per year that encourage undergraduate students to take interest in engineering outside of their classes. Our efforts wouldn’t be possible without the support of others. If you would like to be a sponsor please contact Gabrielle Madden at


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