The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest technical professional society whose objective of the IEEE is to focus on advancing the theory and practice of electrical, electronics and computer engineering and computer science.

Drexel IEEE, one of nearly 800 Student branches worldwide, serves as a gateway to scholarships, awareness outreach, technical conferences, local meetings, ¬†and educational programs. The IEEE publishes 25% of the world’s technical papers in electrical, electronics and computer engineering, and Drexel IEEE provides full access to this immense repository of knowledge.

Drexel’s chapter is one of the largest by membership and activity in the United States. We offer students academic assistance, leadership experience, and events that promote their growth in related fields. Drexel IEEE also acts as a liaison with the Electrical & Computer Engineering department to help students and faculty communicate effectively, and actively endeavors to help its members make the most of their college careers.


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Drexel IEEE is hosting a hackathon on Embedded Systems on November 9th. The event will start at 9am and will go on until 6pm....

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For our next Knerds of the Round Table discussion we will be doing something new! Instead of discussing about an article or a research...

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